Monday, May 31, 2010

Goodsh*t: Pimp My Ride

Pimp My Ride

by Jennifer L. Knox.

Probability, like time, is its own dimension.
The ’86 Chevy Suburban laced by rust,
pocked with bird poop, antenna wiggling
in its Bondo-clogged hole is only one way
the story begins. In another, we never
bought the blue behemoth—we bought
a ’63 Oldsmobile from a lady named Dolores.
In another, Dolores drove into a tree before we
were ever even born; in another, we owned a house
with a garage that kept the rain off, the rust out,
and the paint nice; in another, it was all mine,
we’d never met; in another, yours and someone else’s.
Likewise after the ride is pimped—metallic flames
in red and pink unzipping across its sparkly black
body, blitz of chrome, titanium woofers, enough
silver satin inside to line nine caskets—this
is only one story: another’s bright white
and blinds like an elephant made of sunspots;
another’s plantain-green and full of gold;
another’s purple with a sink in the back,
where we’re arguing; in the back of another, high
and high-fiving; in another, going at it
like two teens made of monster truck tires.
As they say, if you can make it in New York, you can make it anywhere, but I say let's up the ante! If you can make it in The New Yorker magazine you can make it anywhere! To my dear friend Jennifer L. Knox, you're the shit and this was so very much deserved! Congratulations!!!!!!! (And enjoy some wonderful covers from years past while you're at it! Can you spot the Saul Steinberg??)

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Hell Yea!: WE DID IT!

I am the color of a hotdog! This is what happens when you run all over Brooklyn for a couple of hours! I made it to the finish folks, now I need a walker to get down the street! (Here's the finishing results, uh, the winner in the men's division was booking 5 minute miles!!!!!!!)

Friday, May 21, 2010

Holy Sh*t!: Queue the Rocky Theme

7AM (HOLY SHIT!), May 22, 2010 the Brooklyn Half Marathon will be attempted! Pray to the Universe me and my awesome group of running gals all make it to the finish with no injuries and more importantly no runners trot!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Goodsh*t: V.C. Andrews

Oh hello (looks down at floor guiltily), I have been seriously slacking, no excuses, but really I have been running so much I haven't had a lot of brilliant ideas as of late, until now! The summer is almost here and I am lucky enough to work for a company who has always bestowed upon us the coveted "Summer Hours"! Generally, this involves longer work days Monday-Thursday and a half day on Friday to get ahead of the crazy NYC traffic in case you are traveling. But this year we get the WHOLE Friday off! HOORAY! So in honor of my new found freedom, I figured I better have some good summer reads on hand. Of course I went back to my older sister's stash when she was in junior high, the infamous Dollanganger series! The design nerd in me totally had a say in picking these and while I did not quite understand the content at the time my sister had them (uh, seriously, BARF!) I always LOVED the covers!

Awesome covers, trashy stories!