Friday, October 19, 2007

Goodsh*t: Hell Hath Frozen Over...

I caved. I bought. Life change.
(Pssst, I can't photograph it, so I thought I would show my fancy shoes.)

Monday, October 15, 2007

Inspiration: My Long Lost South African Transplant

Yigal Azrouel Spring 2004

Plume Jewel's "Silkworm"
Posh Hussy © 2003 by me

I thought I would pay tribute today to one of my most dearest friends, Lexi Sparling. After taking a hiatus from her career in fashion here in NYC, she found herself in the wilds of South Africa and ultimately decided to stay. She is getting married next weekend in Cape Winelands, South Africa and due to work, I am sadly unable to attend. I was lucky to work side by side with Lexi and had the pleasure of witnessing her geniusity in women's design come to life. I admire her for her quick unabashed wit and sweet disposition which in my opinion is the perfect harmony to describe her personal work. Our working time together in the "real world" was brief but we did branch out to create a brand of our own, Posh Hussy, which is still in the trenches due to other opportunities for us both. She went on to be the head designer for womens at Yigal Azrouƫl along with her equally as talented counterpart Pamela Johnston of Plume Jewels. I wish her all my best and I miss the days of bumming around Williamsburg, being neighbors and of course, the helmet incident.

PS I tried to include some of the work Lexi did at Yigal and while it is beautiful, it's not necessarily her style. Nevertheless, Yigal has some very nice frocks!

Friday, October 5, 2007

Inspiration: Tsumori Chisato

One of my bosses goes to Japan every year for trend shopping and this year she brought me back truckloads of delicious books and Kawaii by Tsumori Chisato was in the mix! Now I have always kept my eye out for her well known melodic bohemian cuteness, it's a bit of a rarity here in the states, so I was DEE-lighted to induldge in her book of creative processes and how she gets from start to finish. Chisato even included a little Q & A for more insight, enjoy the beauty! (Click on the images so you can read what she wrote!)

PS Sorry for the crap scans, I was in a hurry!