Friday, March 20, 2009

Goodsh*t: Spring Accoutrements!

So I picked up a few things, was given a few things... for spring.

1. Persol Shades, perhaps it's time to ditch the Ray-Bans?
2. Hermès Scarf by Anne Gavarni 1959 entitled "Champignons". Mine is actually in earthy greens. This was a gift and I should really scan it so the detail is not missed! This has been dubbed my "Old Lady Scarf". The nice thing about Hermès is they include all the details with each scarf so if you have one and lost the card and want to peep the artist try the Hermès Scarf Catalogue!
3. Rebecca Minkoff's Morning After Bag Mini. I buy a hand bag about 1-2 a year. I like things that will last a very long time so I don't mind fitting the bill. (And don't distress about the "mini" this bag is actually about 13"X 7" with lots of pockets and has a very nice print and patterny lining.) (PS. I never EVER pay full price. Let's just say I have gotten quite good at eBay!)
4. Furla Zip Wallet. My friend travels quite a bit and was recently in Italy. She's brought me back a wallet before, so it only made sense to get another! Patent leather magenta zippy wallet! Much like those Comme de Garcon lovelies!

Is it clear I pay more attention to the accoutrements than the actual outfit. Oh yea, you'll find me in jeans and my "Old Lady Scarf".

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Goodsh*t: Typos

I make fonts with my own 2 hands every single day. (Instead of being lazy and posting other people's work I should partake in showboating my own... perhaps soon.) Anyway, I was very happy to find the Periodic Table of Typfaces as I was quite the chemist in high school (who would have guessed horrible at math, genius at chemisty!) and chose only to date chemists/scientists for a good year in college. Hey, we all have our things.

Moving on.

The next is a little ditty from Lure Design, "A Simple Pledge" if you will to NEVER EVER use the most shitastic fonts of all time: Hobo, Papyrus and my most HATED Comic Sans. We aren't permitted to use these at work for fear of getting fired. It's fonts like these that inspire me to design my own. Are you guilty? You know who you are.