Thursday, March 11, 2010

Goodsh*t: WHOOSH!

Since my better half is having a rather militant intense semester (uh, I am looking at YOU, Head of the Department of Arch!) I decided instead of being sad that I only get to see The Foo maybe once a week that I would dust off my shoes and start giving exercise in general a go. ENDORPHINS PEOPLE! ENDORPHINS! I started training with a friend who is doing a triathalon in July, just for fun. Coincidentally another friend then offered me a little running spot in her group to conquer the Brooklyn Half-Marathon in May! I am very excited and I am in week 4 of training, and I am actually starting to keep the pace! So of course I need gear to track myself so I went out today and bought the nike+ sportband! It tracks your distance, time, calories etc, and the face is actually a USB so you can hook up to Nike online and track all your runs! So far I am down to 9 minutes per mile! Wish me luck!

Me on May 22, 2010