Friday, February 29, 2008

Goodsh*t: Can't Speak French

But I can read it (menus), I can drink it (vineyards) AND I can wear it (Bonbons, Cacharel, Manoush...). My girl Bonbon Oiseau is back in Paris at Le Showroom accessories tradeshow pimpin' her trade. I so so wish I was there with her! (hmmm, I seem to remember a little invite to come and join the fun for her next show in October! BB, honey, I might just have to take you up on that although it could conflict with my new plans of Berlin-to-South Africa-to-Berlin!).

I featured one of my most favorite pieces she did for me for a photoshoot I was "art directing" back in my lingerie designing days. I love it, it's Madame Pompadour meets punk rock 1950's housewife! I think it's crinolines need a little fluffing! Being all Parisian-nostalgic today that reminds of another piece she designed for my 27th birthday lovingly titled "A Bitch with a Nice Pair". It has a nice big bronze poodle and a pear, hahaha! It's also the inspiration for my next set of paintings, I am embracing my girliness, people, WATCH OUT!

She was also asked to design the carrier bags for the show, I love the design and I am sure this will be seen all over the streets of Paris in the coming days! Keep tabs on her travels, beautiful photos of my beloved Paris! Bonne Bonbon de Chance!

PS Eiffel tower photo from my travels right out of college! Old school! Oh yea and people, 2008 is all about travel: check your passport, does it need renewing? Do you just need to GET a passport?! DO. IT!

PSS BB, we just got an A.P.C. in the hood. I had better pack my bags, my rent gonna get raised!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Goodsh*t: It Takes Less Muscle to Smile... 2

Yet another night in Brooklyn...

PS I know I have some peoples who read TRM who aren't able to be blessed with my camera in person. So to all you out there, if you want a project (it will take seconds, I swear) please take a photo for me and email your dazzling faces: Pissed. Off.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Bullsh*t: Rejects 2007

Here are just a few print & patterns I designed this past 2007. Unfortunately, as usual, not every single print can go into production. These are just a few of my favorites that I designed that need a little love from the public!

Saturday, February 2, 2008

The Sh*t: YOU!

So I tell a little bit about myself on here, and I would LURVE to hear about you. Include your name, nickname, initials where you come from and where you are now, your occupation perhaps and a dirty little secret (not too dirty people, my mom reads this). Here, I will go first...

Kaelea-Ann, K-Town, KK...
Dallas, Tx to Lubbock, Tx to Austin, Tx to NYC!
Foul-Mouthed Artist & Designer
I love pink and glitter and girlie stuff. There, I admitted it. And I am currently drafting ideas for the tattoo idea I have for each of my wrists, even though I have said for years and years I HATE tattoos and stared down my nose at people who had them. I lied. Majorly.

(Click on the comments to tell me more and yes you can be anonymous if you like.)