Thursday, March 24, 2011

Goodsh*t: I Don't Drink Gin, But YOU Should!

I like seeing solid ideas. I like seeing solid ideas coming from smart, unpretentious people who care about their craft and hone it. Hello people, meet Brooklyn Gin, Brooklyn Gin meet the people, they look thirsty. I ran into Joe Santos (creator of that sweet stuff up there) whilst enjoying some libations at one of my favorite locals. While I don't drink gin (blame Samantha Bakke's debutante ball circa 1997) I was happy to list a few places for him to whore it out in Brooklyn! I am happy to announce things are going swimmingly and his labor of love has just been placed in several of Keith McNally's restaurants! HELL YEA! So if you're in Brooklyn or Manhattan keep your eyes peeled for this beautiful bottle of distinctively good times!

PS While I am not a gin drinker, I have heard NOTHING but good things, some might say comparable to Hendricks, just sayin'!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Goodsh*t: I Thought My Skillz Were Gone...

SXSW Infographic
But they are not. I can still design. And now this is on WIRED.COM for a little SXSW action! Thanks Natalie, Richie and Pixable for the shout-out and opportunity to re-hone my skillz!