Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Bullsh*t: My ABC's

I am calling BS on myself, as I haven't been updating this as frequently as my New Year's resolution requires. Anyway, I design a load of fonts for work on a regular basis, so I thought I would share a few. I use all mediums, including: india ink, acrylics, pencil, charcoal, chalk, found textures, white-out, glue, pen, (specifically the beloved Micron pens) etc. etc. These aren't generally words I use (although I am trying to clean up my act), but I can't exactly print my uh, lingo at work, so have a laugh! I also thought I would add a few not so obvious pieces of The Royal Me from A to Z (Seriously, like I really have more to reveal on here, oooo, like I am sooo diverse and important. Did I mention I was bored too?):

A - Alone. I like it, so leave me.
B - Bicycles
C - Complaining. If I do it, I have to buy YOU something. It's the rules.
D - Debussy
E - Evolution
F - Fighting domesticity!
G - Graduate School
H - Hundertwasser
I - Infectious Diseases
J - Jaundice, I came into the world with it.
K - KAY-lee
L - "Linear" my nickname in high school.
M - Mayo, my slight substitute for cheese.
N - Niki de St. Phalle
O - Outdoors
P - Peart
Q - Quiet, Shhh, I work better.
R - Realization
S - Small town, I am sooo much more than I want to admit.
T - Table of Elements
V - Vote, I do it, so I can complain* later. It's the rules.
V - Vegetarian for 12 LONG years. Not anymore!
W - Where are we going? What are we eating? What are we drinking?
X - ?
Y - Yes.
Z - Zzzzz

*Everyone should vote and I really shouldn't complain (see above letter C) too much, but lately it seems appropriate...

Monday, March 10, 2008

Goodsh*t: Domestic Abuse...

The first step is finally admitting you have a problem.

I am in complete and utter denial of any fits of domesticity that I might have running through my brain. Sure, I keep a tidy ship and I cook and all that, but I am finally going to embrace this part of myself and hopefully it will not involve baking or children, but more of a focus on the home as I plan on being here just a while longer.

I am starting out small i.e. I hate painting walls. So I have decided to re-shui my wall art, you know, taking down all those dated prints that I got at the National Gallery, Van Gogh Museum, Tate Modern etc. I came up with this "diptych" idea after uncovering the first painting "Off With Her Head!!!" that was lying in the corner of my living room collecting dust. (I made a series of these for an Alice in Wonderland party I hosted, wooo thats was a hoot!) Then I came up with the poodle, for to me, it's the undying symbol of domesticity and while I am embracing domesticity in a way, I felt she was necessary. Her head is supposed to be severed, but the drawing was too cute and I just couldn't complete the painting without "Turbo's" paws. Anyway, I would love to explain more, but the rest stays in my head...

PS That pillow I picked up in the hood, the print is like a little curiosity cabinet with extra added hidden human skulls! Domestic Goth!

PSS In the wise words of one Jen L. Knox: "The poodle is not a housewife!" Therefore, the poodle is my spirit animal.