Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Bullsh*t: My Lack of Concetration

"Cutter" © 2004
So I do a little painting on the side. We have a love-hate for one another and I have a fear of people seeing my work. This one, "Cutter" made me post it or it said it would do damaging things to my creativity. I won't hide anymore, out of fear of the painting.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Good Sh*t: The Dawn and Drew Show

"A podcast from two ex gutter punks who fall in love, buy a retired farm in southeast wisconsin and tell the world their dirty secrets… always profane, rarely profound." I am surprised I have not been fired for laughing so hard at work. Listen up, Bitches!

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Inspiration: crooked arm

Nathaniel Russell© 2007

I ran into this blog by hitting the "next blog" button at the top left hand corner. Much to my surprise (most the times when I do that it's either porn or just crap) I ran into this artist: crooked arm - Nathaniel Russell. The blog is inspiring and informative and not only limited to drawings but a little graphical design too! I like these redheads and there is also an interpretation of the Deadwood cast. Reminds me, ever so slightly of Hundertwasser. (I recommend going through all his posts, hilarious and a lover of Kurt Vonnegut.)

Good Sh*t: Ghetto Gourmet

Supper clubs are on the rise. The Whisk and Ladle is handling the Williamsburg area and getting good use of their loft space (make your reservations now, they get booked quickly!), Ghetto Gourmet is making the rounds from Los Angeles to Chicago and now Manhattan. The "original underground dining experience" scouts cool dining spots around the city and is great opportunity for new chefs to try inventive ideas and diners to have a laid back almost secret experience. There's also about 10-20 minutes of entertainment between courses, now I think I know some poets out there...

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Good Sh*t: Only in Los Angeles, Part 2

“I don't like jail, they got the wrong kind of bars in there” - C.B.

"Ray's Mistake"

Here comes the best part.
Eat, Drink: I have always heard about the Cali-Mex. Sounded a bit healthy at the time, if you ask me. Come to find out it's just as greasy and fantastical as my beloved Tex-Mex! (alright, sans the Velveeta, but I can stand to loose that.) I made a point of a strict Mexican diet for the duration of my trip. Starting off with La Cabana in Venice, the fish tacos were tops and the margaritas potent. El Compadre had, by far, the best margarita I have ever had, never mind the food, this thing was on fire. Literally. Limit 2. The Frolic Room elbowed itself in, I had to make a toast to the late Charles Bukowski on his old stomping grounds. This is the epitome of the old school Hollywood hang-out. Professional. El Chavo! was a bit of a blur thanks to the Ray's Mistake at Tiki Ti (absolutely not public affection here people, you will get tossed out!). But how could I forget the homage to Dolly Parton, an enormous shining iridescent portrait over the bar! Ole! (This was a great line up to familiarize with Silverlake!)
So I did manage to get in a little sushi, to curb the guilt, Wabi-Sabi. Some of the freshest most authentic sushi with a little fusion, go for the spicy tuna roll and basically, anything on the menu.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Goodsh*t: The Trucks

Oddly enough, I didn't have to fall out my front door onto a hipster to find these lovely ladies. Thank goodness they were safe at home in Seattle, broadcasting their scuff knee'ed pretty vocals on NPR. Kinda like a diary from my early twenties: sugar sweet naivety meets kung fu. I like to ride my bike to it. Check out Shattered ("You cannot keep your pretty hands off me, no I won't sit nice and be quiet!") and Old Bikes ("Peddle, Peddle, chain and metal, you went riding with the devil!")

PS They have a yummy yummy show coming up at Cake Shop on the 21st.

Bullsh*t: My @$&*! Mulberry Roxanne Bag

Ever since I did some photo assisting for British Marie Claire and one of the fashion girls introduced me to this antiqued leather luxury, I have been completely obsessed with Mulberry. I gave this fine purchase a lot of thought, knowing it was going to set me back quite a lot of money, I decided on a carefree "what the hell, it will make me prettier and thinner". Now the damn metal button thingys are falling off. Nice. I will GET you, Mulberry of London, I will get you. (Even though I still love you.)

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Good Sh*t: Only in Los Angeles, Part 1

The Getty. Where it's not about the art.

Vintage Ray Ban Aviator's From Chuck's Vintage.
I know.

I am ashamed that I did not give ol'Angeles the time of day earlier. I am not packing my bags anytime soon, but I did leave with a bit of a soft spot. Basically all I did was: Beach, Shop, Eat, Drink, repeat.

Beach: It was nice and full of the homeless and hippies. Mom, you know where I will be when that whole independent wealth/riding-the-coattails-of-others thing goes out the window.

Shop: I found some tortoise shell Ray-Bans from the 70's and a nice rare selection of deadstock jeans at Chuck's Vintage. I also hit up the infamous American Rag, which has a profound shoe department (anything from Repetto, Marc Jacobs, Chloe to Keds), denim bar the size of China and the vintage section was impressive and certainly not overpriced, for the most part. Nice. Next time, the Rose Bowl Flea Market. Also check out Waraku on Abbot Kinney (Tokyo street wear, Shinzi Katoh bags and limited edition sneaks), Work Custom Jeans (custom made jeans to order for your badass, in Echo Park) while you are in the area check out Show Pony for some girly-glam fun (In God We Trust, a Williamsburg fav, was also featured at this shop.)

Museum: Oh wait. Some "art" culture made it on the itinerary. The Getty Center should not to be missed! It's understood to be a museum, but you certainly don't go there for the art.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Holy Sh*t: TOPSHOP is coming!

Oh. My. God. It has been reported that Topshop will be opening 3 shops in our fair city of New York!

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

The Sh*t: Los Angeles

After years of boycotting Los Angeles, we have finally agreed. Stay tuned for my adventures...