Monday, July 9, 2007

Goodsh*t: Roberta di Camerino

Roberta di Camerino S/S 2007

I am currently trending for Fall 2008, so that essentially means a trip to the Japanese book shop Asahiya. My work colleague and I love to check out all the fashion mags, not only because most of them have little prizes, the trends and graphics are more modern and edgy, if you can imagine, than most European and American glossies. I always gravitate towards CUTiE (the bulk of my design load is for the tween girl) and this time I tried out Spring (a bit of a hipster feel) and In Red (higher end fashion). I found these Roberta di Camerino bags while flipping through and they have given me the confidence I need to approach that tuxedo t-shirt idea I have been wanting to try out for ages! (This will also be a nice accent while I continue to copy my dad's boating get-ups circa 1985.)


dethkiller said...

hey kaelea.. good to see you've got a blog now.


Deb said...

So funny mama--you're g****d! I have a great friend who was an assistant to Mrs. di Camerino until last year. When we were in Milan, she made us go and spy on Prada (and buy a few bags which was pretty fun) because supposedly Prada had stolen some of Roberta di Camerino's original designs from the 60's. We were there for the press conference and everything! I liek how the Italians aren't afraid to call each other on the carpet. I think Jim also lit her fashion show in Milan that year.
Hers is the height of Venetian meets Milanese lady fashion. Good Sh*t.

Anonymous said...

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