Saturday, February 2, 2008

The Sh*t: YOU!

So I tell a little bit about myself on here, and I would LURVE to hear about you. Include your name, nickname, initials where you come from and where you are now, your occupation perhaps and a dirty little secret (not too dirty people, my mom reads this). Here, I will go first...

Kaelea-Ann, K-Town, KK...
Dallas, Tx to Lubbock, Tx to Austin, Tx to NYC!
Foul-Mouthed Artist & Designer
I love pink and glitter and girlie stuff. There, I admitted it. And I am currently drafting ideas for the tattoo idea I have for each of my wrists, even though I have said for years and years I HATE tattoos and stared down my nose at people who had them. I lied. Majorly.

(Click on the comments to tell me more and yes you can be anonymous if you like.)


Lizzy said...

*Lizzer, Bethy-Liz, Lezzy (of course)
*Lubbock to Warsaw, to Lubbock to Denton, to Newark DE, to NYC
*Television Producer; Aspiring talk-show host
*I want to be a talk show host. You can be a guest on my talk show

The Royal Me said...

I. Knew. It.

luxe luthor said...

*VA to NY, NY to DC
*Digital PR Associate
*old Debbie Gibson songs make me really happy

I was reading a review of the Robyn show in NY a few days ago on StereoGum and thought of you, so I thought I'd stop in and say hi :)

Taypee said...

Jennie K.

lancaster, ca to alfred, ny, to iowa city, ia, to houston, tx, to Yonago, japan, to milwaukee, wi, to nyc!!!!

Poet (for $ = art director)

I want to do research on birds that can talk (parrots, ravens, crows etc.) to see if they're crazier than other birds.

The Royal Me said...

From My Mom!

"Mom here-Remember the days when you wanted a tattoo so badly! until you found out there was pain involved! What's changed? Is it new,improved poking ink into your skin procedure? So what's your tattoo ideas? Is this a joke? Love you Kaelea :) "

jer-OH-MY!-ah said...

+ jeremiah (j-dub, j, BDW, flyboy, jerms)
+ lubbockTX --> savannahGA --> sanfranciscoCA
+ motion graphic designer and tattoo collector
+ the grass is always greener on all other sides

brooke appler said...

ok, i'm playing!!!!

.brooker, rooker, baby b- o they are all so godawful!
.maryland to north carolina to chicago to nepal to brooklyn to asia to africa to san francisco to oakland:)
.fashion design- for dirty people who could give care less about fashion
.i was supposed to hang out w/ a boy tonight but lied and told him a friend was coming into town. and here i am commenting on the royal me instead:) ha!

Roderick said...

I feel weird doing this but here goes:

* roderick
* NJ to NJ, then to NJ then back to NJ
* I design fits of boredom for myself while working in finance
* when I think of Kaelea, I get chills, which are multiplying. And I lose control, 'cuz the power she's supplyin', its electrifying.

Deb said...

Bonbon, Deb, DJS, Deb-bee, Cakey

Lawng Island, NY to Alfred, NY, NY to Boston, Boston to Iowa City, IA, Iowa City to Northern India, India back to Iowa City, Iowa City to San Francisco, San Francisco to SouthEast Asia and back to India for anotehr year back to San Fransico back to NYC.
To Brooklyn finally.

Painter turned Jewelry Designer/Entrepeneur

Dirty Secret: I down one appendix and I want to give Kaelea a tattoo. of my appendix.