Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Goodsh*t: Don't Forget Where You Came From...

Toni Lou Ricciardelli & my great uncle Jesse
That love for the SFCA has been running through

my veins for quite some time.
San Franciso, California

Richard Alexander Sim "Sandy"
Yep, I think we all know what I inherited from pops!
Las Cruces, New Mexico

Alison Sim Craighead
Pre-The Royal Me.

Alison is just biding the time before I arrive
and terrorize the neighborhood.
Dallas, Texas

Toni Lou Ricciardelli
Hmmm, so this is where I get it from...
El Paso, Texas

Maria Lucia Hernandez Ricciardelli
El Paso, Texas

John Ricciardelli "John Rich"
I should probably post a pic of myself at this age,
we look like twins almost!

It's so easy to make a nest in a place like New York City and completely let your roots fall to the wayside. I recently took a trip back home and raided my mother's boxes and albums of old photos and hilarious pics of me being, well, me and some from my family on both sides! Anyway, as you know, I am "re-shui'ing" my wall art, so here are a few pics I am going to get framed, enjoy the FAMILiarities!


Lizzy said...

You look so much like both your 'rnts. Crazy!

Taypee said...

Yeah you do! And your mom looks like Annette Funicello! Now let's see some of you!

Taypee said...


jer-OH-MY!-ah said...

ok, so let's see the old ones of you..

The Royal Me said...

If I must...

lizzer said...

Did you also inherit the cooking gene? Girl makes the best gnocchi evah!

Brian said...

I really loved looking at these photos. The SFO one is a real classic. It doesn't matter whether it's North Texas or Southern Illinois: us bright Brooklyn immigrants from the sticks shouldn't ever forget out roots.