Saturday, July 12, 2008

Good Sh*t: I Made You A Mixed Tape

I did! Click here, to listen to my mix and then you go and make your own mix. And then, we trade! Enjoy the summer, it's nice out!


Bonbon Oiseau said...

i love this and nice mix esp cheeseburger!---i can't make one though--i only have m4 something or others--

Brandoni said...

hell i make one too!

randall said...

Kaelea. This last 4th of July I talked your ear off and have been trying to track you down through Craig. Tried an email--not sure if it went through. So I am commenting here--HI EVERYBODY!
Flirt or flip me off (You are pretty good at that whole flippin'off thing).
Thanks for the tape. I know you made it especially for me. R-

The Royal Me said...

randall, doods, i have your email somewhere, my intentions were to email you!!! i will do it!

or if you read this you can email me through here and send me your address!!!

brooke! said...

your mix sucks.

haha i haven't even listened. i love muxtape. you'll be my first friend when i sign up. miss you debutante diva!