Monday, November 24, 2008

Goodsh*t: Misjke aka Sara Michelle Redelinghuys van Dyk

While visiting a little town in the winelands called Franschhoek, I came across a little antique store run by a British woman (who had moved to South Africa from London after falling in love with a local.) Upon entering this shop (which reminded me of a grandmother's parlour room with it's golden glow and poundcake appeal) a little picture caught the corner of my eye. I perused the rest of the shop thinking "K, it's almost the end of your trip, do you really need to lug back a framed print?". Needless to say I completely ignored my conscience and scooped up not only one but 2 etchings after the owner showed me the little bull-esque character. The owner said she bought both of them because she thought they could be sold together, but was really unaware about the artist.
Being the info spelunker that I am after getting home I immediately went to work on the webz. My first bump was that the artist signed only her nickname and backwards at that, so I reversed the spelling and VOILA! I found Misjke aka Sara Michelle Redelinghuys van Dyk as the creator. At this time, and with heavy heart I ask that you click on the link above to read more about this artist's career and short life. While the story is sad, I am very very pleased to own these 2 etchings and I am glad to keep her work alive for years to come.

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Anonymous said...

I remember Michele as a young girl still at school. I was at University with her sister Mariette. Both were killed in car accidents. What a terrible loss.