Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Goodsh*t: V.C. Andrews

Oh hello (looks down at floor guiltily), I have been seriously slacking, no excuses, but really I have been running so much I haven't had a lot of brilliant ideas as of late, until now! The summer is almost here and I am lucky enough to work for a company who has always bestowed upon us the coveted "Summer Hours"! Generally, this involves longer work days Monday-Thursday and a half day on Friday to get ahead of the crazy NYC traffic in case you are traveling. But this year we get the WHOLE Friday off! HOORAY! So in honor of my new found freedom, I figured I better have some good summer reads on hand. Of course I went back to my older sister's stash when she was in junior high, the infamous Dollanganger series! The design nerd in me totally had a say in picking these and while I did not quite understand the content at the time my sister had them (uh, seriously, BARF!) I always LOVED the covers!

Awesome covers, trashy stories!



Anonymous said...

I always remembered looking at these books as a child and my mum saying they were 'unsuitable'! I remember mainly being interested in them because the books still coming out at the time of her death and the ghost writing aspect. I had no idea, until reading your blog today, that they were all so incest-based! Thanks for the illumination ;)

Hill Country Happenings said...

Allison and I were obsessed with the VC Andrews books. They are awful and fabulous all at once! I must re-read them as well

BTW, your sweet momma helped me get dressed for my doctoral graduation ceremony. She is so precious!

So jealous of your friday's off!