Friday, November 26, 2010

Goodsh*t: Thankful

Life gives me lemons sometimes so I allow myself to react (not such a good idea to bottle yourself up) then I regroup and count my blessings. Even if it feels dire at the moment, I always revert back to this little exercise and remind myself that life is generally pretty good. Plus, the sound of my own voice complaining is DEAFENING. Give thanks people!

1. The cheeseball I had as my main course for thanksgiving dinner.
2. Holiday visitors!
3. My health.
4. A disaster zone at the moment (think remnants of Mt. Vesuvius), pretty thankful my ceiling didn't hit anyone on the head.
5. Relationships, I got some great people around me who give a shit and even put up with my shit.
6. Change. Without it, life would be BORING.
7. Looking at buying a car to drive to the cabin in the Catskills I don't even own. YET.
8. The ability to slow my brain down. (I have an active exaggerated mind sometimes)
9. Butter and cream cheese.
10. What you see is what you get.