Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Goodsh*t: WWD

Having accidentally landed in fashion, it's always such a shocker to end up in any publication much less Women's Wear Daily. While I didn't get a personal shout out, I am very proud to share that my current got a little expose in WWD! We all have worked very hard in making our brand what it is today and we are topping the charts (uh, we made the #1 spot in WWD's 100 Best Brands) and this to me speaks volumes on all the time and effort contributed. I will remain humble. Heh.

PS I have also included an old WWD back from my lingerie designing days, I actually got one of my designs featured. A constant reminder of how FAR I have come. Holy Sh*t, that was ages ago!

PSS Also, just a reminder to all you creatives out there: Keep Keepin' Your Skillz Original! And use this blog as a source of inspiration, don't hate and duplicate!

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