Thursday, December 27, 2007

Holy Sh*t: Another Year...

2007 really passed me by. Whoa. Blink. Whoa. Wait. What? I am truly thankful for all my friends, family etc. and all the great times that were had this year:

1. Painting & photography came back into my life.
2. Finally admitting that California is very very good.
3. Reaquainting myself with the outdoors, something so easy to forget when you are in the city.
4. Fancying myself somewhat of a "writer".
5. Winning the dairy bet.
6. New friends and old friends.
7. A solid year of good hair.

And some plans for next:

1. South African adventure in October.
2. New personal art projects i.e. portraits and a screenprinting class.
3. Shiney. New. Bike.
4. More involvement in the arts here in the city.
5. Be. Nicer.
6. Another solid year of good hair.

So now I have listed the things I want to accomplish and I now have to:

7. Stick with accomplishing said accomplishments!

Happy. New. Year!

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deb said...

happy new year royal!