Sunday, January 27, 2008

Goodsh*t: Aging Poetic

We celebrated the lovely and talented Jen L. Knox on Saturday! And as usual, I was in charge of the invite and decor and commemorative party favors and of course the "writers" were in charge of a tribute in poetic comedy, to which I am still giggling:

By Ada, Trish & Heather

Holy shit you’re 40!
But don’t start feeling blue
did you know that Lizzy’s 40?
And Kaelea’s 42?

Jason is so old
His hair completely gray
Heather broke her hip
Playing softball yesterday.

Ada’s like 100!
Most Mexicans age fast.
And Jim is 87!
We’re not sure how long he’ll last.

Deb is only 17!
Its really, really weird
(We’re not quite sure just why
She gets younger every year.)

You’re cousin is so fucking old
He barely even walks
It’s hard to understand him
So much spitting when he talks.

Jeremy thinks he’s super smart
And already has a plan
He’s gonna try to freeze himself
Just like Encino Man.

’s almost 93!
Even though she smokes
(Trish is no longer with us
After a series of small strokes.)

So see you’re just the baby
A tiny Corgi pup
You think you’re growing old
But you’re just finally growing up!

The Royal Me: Is watching pirated material: No Country for Old Men.

PS If anyone wants a "commemorative" poster let me know. I have other versions too, if that one is too punk rock!


deb said...

HA! hey I was in charge of something...wait..i can't remember what now...

Taypee said...

No old woman could have asked for a more awesome birthday, or more awesome freidns to share it with. I just love you freaky bitches.

party m├Ądchens said...

And I think the alt title of this post should be AGING IN PUBLIC

Lizzy said...

See comment one.