Monday, January 14, 2008

Goodsh*t: Wallpaper

I have a lot of wallspace. Too much in fact. I have a problem with commiting to home interiors because I always think I will be moving. To where, I have no idea?! So it's 2008, time to commit.

I found these 2 beauties while trending for Spring 2009 and a new vintage-esque line that was added to my girlie girl world. "You & Me" is a follow up to the infamous "For Like Ever" poster that I have brightly displayed in my bedroom. It's brought to you by those fabulous people over at village and comes in the brown and a really calming shade of grey. $35. Nice!

"Happy Pink Tears", as I am calling it comes from this great little site The Little Friends of Printmaking. They make a lot of great music posters and really anything in bright pink I want all over my space. $25. Superb!

I also found this place: The Small Stakes. Another music poster making genius site. I didn't see anything that I wanted, but rest assured, I will be checking in for the new stuff. $25. Fantasical!

The Royal Me: loves her Dorothy's red ruby slippers nail polish.

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