Saturday, September 6, 2008

Goodsh*t: Girls Who Love Dogs Part 1

After visiting 2 of my most favorite people in deep Brooklyn (Kensington!), I came home to find a little love in my letterbox! Leigh, whom I have YET to meet in person but have managed to have a nice lil' interwebs friendship with, knows just how much I love Wire Haired Fox Terriers! A Poodle hoarder, a taxidermy collector, a tattoo wearer, a fabulous designer, she's always got her finger on the tchotchke pulse and all things vintagey and chic! Homegirl managed to find me this awesome DIY Terrier rug! YES! Fist pump! Fist pump! I am doing a little redecorating these next few weeks, so this came at the perfect time! In the meantime anticipate the completion of this rug and of course a little more on the fabulous and talented Miss Leigh!

I am currently on the hunt for such a fella, it gets lonely out here in the urban jungle so I have decided I need a lil' family! Hopefully my landlords will agree!

Check it, Leigh's badass pad was featured on Apartment Therapy!


Poise Daily said...

This is an adorable snap- nice photo.

Concerned said...

i'm not sure the corral is the right environment for a pOOdle