Thursday, September 11, 2008

Take A Moment: September 11

I was reading something, and I was just reminded of the date today. My mind jumped back to that time. Where were you? I was still living in Austin at the time (a few months before I moved to NYC) and remember waking up to the horror on TV and 1,000 missed calls. Not only in NYC where I had friends running from downtown, but also in Washington DC where my sister luckily got stuck in traffic in a cab as she was minutes from the Pentagon. Thankfully all were accounted for. It's not so pleasant to remember, but we will never forget.

Take a moment.

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The Royal Me said...

from mah mom:

"I remember this like it was yesterday. I was on my way to work at that time I was working in the bank building at 19th and University. Alison called and told me about the twin towers and to turn on the radio. As I entered the building there was dead silence. I was on the 2nd floor all by myself with no radio and a tv that didn’t have an antenna so the picture was snowy at best. So I had to listen in horror. Alison called several times and then I didn’t hear from her. I knew she was at work, but didn’t know at the time that she was on her way to the capitol. Looking back I’m glad I didn’t know until afterwards. What a fearful time it was especially knowing that my loved ones were there amidst it all. And to think that you, Kaelea, moved there in March after it happened used to send chills up my spine! Things are different now and I’m just thankful we’re where we are now. I still worry though. Say a prayer today. I just did.

Love, Mom"