Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Goodsh*t: I Heart Magazines!

I can't imagine a better combination!

Been a subscriber since I was 15!

Approachable home decor!

British tabloids, this is crack to me, I read it all too frequently.
There's nothing better than a British reality TV trainwreck.

All the cool kids in NYC are doing it.
This also reminds me a little of my long lost Project X magazine from the early 90's. RIP.

So it's the recession (the "resesh", as I like to call it) and I know we are all cutting corners, cutting costs, HELL, I have demanded a DIY Christmas with the family (unless you are under 5, then you get something store bought)! I am holding tight to my job (knocking on lots of wood) and I am sure others are too, but I just wanted to give a shout out to my all my hardworking creative friends in the magazine biz! Aside from PBRs at your local watering hole, magazines are affordable entertainment! So if you get a chance and want to curb your shopping (window, in my case) support your favorite magazine to ensure more gossip, home decor, fashion, travel, 2,734.67 ways to make a layer cake and hopefully save some jobs too! Magazine subscriptions now!

It'll keep me honest and off the streets (out of the bar).

Just a few of my favs.

Oh yea and recycle when you are done!


Bonbon Oiseau said...

i agree totes and wholeheartedly! I heart magazines too!!!!

steven said...