Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Holy Sh*t!: Another Year! Another List!

Photo © 2008 The Royal Me
First off, I conquered all of last years resolutions, ideas, wants, needs etc. (Ok fine, maybe a little lacking in a few areas namely the art bits, but hey! I have an artsy job, that counts too, no?) So here are my top 10 for 2009:

1. Travel: My roots, the rurality of the East Coast, Turkey, Greece, Brazil, Mexico.
2. Art: Letterpress know-how, more printmaking, more painting, more photo'ing, more collaborating.
3. Learn: To sew (uh yea, I have a machine that is currently collecting a LOT of dust), to stop without the use of my brakes on my fixie, to be calm, more open.
4. Drink: Less.
5. Eat: Organic.
6. Buy: Camera.
7. Save: Thousands of dollars.
8. Thoughts: less thinking more doing.
9. Body: Spin class, bike to Nyack.
10. You: I will be nicer to...

And one to grow on:

11. Stick with accomplishing said accomplishments!

Come see South Africa with me!

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MELISSA said...

if you bike to nyack i'll meet you there and buy you a slice of pizza at tarantella's. that's the SPOT. ps that's also my hometown hood!