Monday, May 11, 2009

Goodsh*t: I Scream

The Royal Me © 2006

The Royal Me © 2007

Megan Price aka Mr. PS © 2006

A few folks here and there have asked to see what I do at work, so I thought I would share a few things from here on out. I can't share a lot of things I do because the clothing I do designs for has to hit the floors before I can release my ideas! You know, that binding contractual type of stuff. Anyway, while perusing one of my favorite blogs for me, for you I ran across MrPS (Megan Price) and fell into some sugar coated lust with her self screened totes. Like I need anymore bags, but I digress, it had ice cream all over it and well how can I not welcome summer with a little ice cream? I. Scream.

I did those 2 treats for some girlie girl tees.
The first one was done in pen and tracing paper (heavenly textures!) and the second was some full on watercolor!

Unfortunately ice cream kills my tummy (lactose), but luckily I am a coconut JUNKIE and have been enjoying Purely Decadent's Mint Chocolate Chip. HOLY COCONUTS! It's GOOD!

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