Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Good Sh*t: Only in Los Angeles, Part 1

The Getty. Where it's not about the art.

Vintage Ray Ban Aviator's From Chuck's Vintage.
I know.

I am ashamed that I did not give ol'Angeles the time of day earlier. I am not packing my bags anytime soon, but I did leave with a bit of a soft spot. Basically all I did was: Beach, Shop, Eat, Drink, repeat.

Beach: It was nice and full of the homeless and hippies. Mom, you know where I will be when that whole independent wealth/riding-the-coattails-of-others thing goes out the window.

Shop: I found some tortoise shell Ray-Bans from the 70's and a nice rare selection of deadstock jeans at Chuck's Vintage. I also hit up the infamous American Rag, which has a profound shoe department (anything from Repetto, Marc Jacobs, Chloe to Keds), denim bar the size of China and the vintage section was impressive and certainly not overpriced, for the most part. Nice. Next time, the Rose Bowl Flea Market. Also check out Waraku on Abbot Kinney (Tokyo street wear, Shinzi Katoh bags and limited edition sneaks), Work Custom Jeans (custom made jeans to order for your badass, in Echo Park) while you are in the area check out Show Pony for some girly-glam fun (In God We Trust, a Williamsburg fav, was also featured at this shop.)

Museum: Oh wait. Some "art" culture made it on the itinerary. The Getty Center should not to be missed! It's understood to be a museum, but you certainly don't go there for the art.

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