Monday, April 2, 2007

Inspiration: Laurie Rosenwald

I was never keen on advertising & graphic design, because I didn't feel that is was a strong area of mine as a designer. I also feared I would end up doing ads for Cadillacs or female products. Laurie Rosenwald changed my opinion on advertising forever. With clients such as IKEA, Coca-Cola and Ogilvy, she made my impossible possible. She has a clever sense of color, placement, type design and a very clean and organized touch to even her most chaotic works. Laurie currently resides in NYC and teaches at the coveted School of Visual Arts where she continues to inspire and have an attitude.

Shoes? Or twos?

You can see this currently in the NYC subways and platforms.

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Anonymous said...

thank you! funny, but i enjoy praise. weather continues.