Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Goodsh*t: Spring Has Sprung!

I get to shop for my job. I went out yesterday to see what I could see and get a little graphical inspiration. Here are my some of my favorite picks from the shops of chaotic midtown in NYC. (Zara by far had the best in graphics and prints and patterns, especially in the nice frilly sundress department and there seems to be a whole Holly Hobby-esque portrait trend going on. Who knew?) I generally design for girls and womens, so that was my primary outlook for this trip. I usually get a little edgier in my choices, but it's always good to see whats around the corner, no matter how thick the tourists.

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Jen said...

When i die, no matter how fat or disfigured I am, bury me in a tight Jerry Hall-style one-piece zip up pantsuit made from that kissing parakeet material, a huge blonde Breck Girl wig, and dinner plate-sized maroon and gold sunglasses.