Thursday, May 17, 2007

Bullsh*t: My @$&*! Mulberry Roxanne Bag

Ever since I did some photo assisting for British Marie Claire and one of the fashion girls introduced me to this antiqued leather luxury, I have been completely obsessed with Mulberry. I gave this fine purchase a lot of thought, knowing it was going to set me back quite a lot of money, I decided on a carefree "what the hell, it will make me prettier and thinner". Now the damn metal button thingys are falling off. Nice. I will GET you, Mulberry of London, I will get you. (Even though I still love you.)


Joanna said...

No, that's horrible! I just bought one and your message is absolutely horrid. What in particular led to such disasterous happenings? How long did you have it and when did it start falling apart? You should send it to corporate Mulberry for them to fix it up.

The Royal Me said...

I have had it for about a year and the only issue was the buttons and I have taken very good care of it too. But no worries, I had it fixed right up free of charge from Mulberry!