Friday, September 21, 2007

Goodsh*t: Hel Looks

Juulia (14)
"I've had this style for about a year now. I like to wear jewellery and a big hairdo. My style role models are Madonna in the 80's, Joan Jett and Mötley Crüe.
The boots used to belong to my father. They were bought in the 70's in America."

Ossi (18) and Mimosa (18)
Ossi: "I bought my Ash shoes yesterday. The belt is a gift from Mimosa.
Karl Lagerfeld is my style role model. I think super skinny jeans are not stylish anymore."
Mimosa: "Horses inspire me. Old people are stylish."

Johannes (25)
"The corner stone of my style is the golden chain.
I couldn't live without my sunglasses and my mullet.
Suburbs are stylish. Making music inspires me."

Juha (20) and Lasse (18)
Juha: "I like the 80's music and the 80's styles. All my style role models are from the 80's. Now I'm wearing second hand except the boots which were dirt-expensive."
Lasse: "My friend bought the blue tights in Tampere. The jeans I customized myself. The shirt is from a women's department. My style tip: always check the women's department!"

I am completely obsessed with all things Scandinavian, and I am in love with this site: Hel Looks. Bringing you fashion from outside of the clubs in Helsinki, Finland! I should have posted this ages ago, I found it while doing a little online research and just reaquainted myself because I am trending for Holiday 2008. Not only is it addictive and updated regularily, the commentary is priceless.

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