Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Goodsh*t: Honduras

So the boss took a little trip to Honduras where we do a lot of our screenprinting. Basically, we needed to find out all the things that we can do to the designs that we were unaware of and are available. I was excited to find out that I can use foil (which should be sweet for all the fonts i design), clear foil (clear shiny shiny foil, it looks fantastic and subtle on black!) and possibly this shimmery hologram stuff! NICE! And of course the boss always brings us "kids" back some love. The K reminds me of trips to New Mexico (which I frequented as a baby and until I moved here.) and I love how the colors pop off! It's important to stop and smell the local art. Maybe next time they will send me.


dethkiller said...

dig the chicken! how big is the "k"??

Deb said...

SOOOO cute...for the K collection.

The Royal Me said...

Not big enough!!! I guess it was only available in cute size.