Sunday, September 9, 2007

Goodsh*t: Ruffian

Claude Morais and Brian Wolk

I have been to Ruffian's shows for the past year or so and thanks to my badass friend Jen, I usually get a good seat! Always running the gamut, with, in my opinion, befitting yet contradictory themes: Madame Pompadour meets 70's punk. The show started with a booming remix of Dolly Parton's "Jolene" which could not be more appropriate: crisp clean lines with hits of ruffled layers, curling skyscraping collars, shiney silver buttons and most recently hot hot pink which has been popping up in spurts. The floral prints reminded me of what might be on the walls of a whorehouse or a mansion in Dallas. OH! I am keeping a watchful eye on these guys! What will they get up to next?!

PS I have had the pleasure of meeting the designers at a party, which had the delicate theme of "Come as Your Own Vice". They were so cool and down to earth, as I was most likely falling all over myself .

PSS Don't even think I won't be donning that black pants suit! NICE!

PSSS Yet another couple, who works together, lives together and continues to inspire.

Coming up: Paul Smith/GQ party. Thanks Ada! Can't wait!

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Lizbot said...

I have crazy pix of the vice party. Maybe even a couple of y'all together. That party was ripe for embarrassing photo ops.