Friday, October 24, 2008

Goodsh*t: Other People's Blogs

It's not like I really update that frequently, but did you think I would leave you stranded while I am away? I check these beauties religiously:

The Selby.
Ever wonder what the insides of some cool kids' apartments look like in California, New York and London?

Ever wonder what it's like to be an badass art-school-photographer-fashionista in England?

Door Sixteen.
Ever wonder about home renovations in upstate while designing awesome book covers?

the cherry blossom girl.
Ever wonder what it's like to be cute AND French?

Ever not been able to get your outfit together in the morning?
betty can help.

And you all know I am a flickr junkie (that's putting it mildly) just a few of my recent favs:


MELISSA said...

i will use the selby as inspiration for my new (!!!) apt! thanks!!

and most importantly ENJOY YOUR TRIP!

Rachel Knight said...

All of your favorite blogs have beautiful headers... which is nearly reason enough to trust that their content is worthwhile! I'll check them out.