Monday, October 20, 2008

Holy Sh*t!: 18 Hours. Both Ways.

It's going to be a LONG flight, so I've packed accordingly:

1. My holga, my polaroid I recieved from my granddaddy when I was 8, my regular ol' digital. You can never have too many cameras on such an occassion.
2. Dear Diary by Lesley Arfin. I am basically reading this because my friend makes a few cameos and I need as much dirt on him as possible! OH!
3. Another Bull Shit Night In Suck City by Nick Flynn. I like the title. Plain and simple.
4. Travel Scrabble.
5. iPod shuffle. I hate the big bulky ones and I am jamming it full of This American Life and The Splendid Table. Maybe even a little naughty Dan Savage.
6. Yes, I got my passport and no there's no need for Malaria shots at this time! It's spring!

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Bonbon Oiseau said...

have an awesome trip!!!!!!!!