Monday, October 6, 2008

Goodsh*t: South African Fruition

OMG! Confirmation for my 30th birthday present to myself! Put your order in now! I am bringing extra bags to bring back lions, springboks, servals, duikers, the handsome kudu and of course some meerkats! Seriously, I am sooo excited!!

If I have room, I am bringing back some bat-eared foxes too! But they are fast! I love foxes!


poindexterity! said...

i can has asks?

The Royal Me said...

yes! and you can has a duiker, i am going to take home a few and make them my pets.

emailz me!

FabianIsMySunshinyDay said...

Can you bring back an elephant for me? Please. I want an elephant.

Denverette said...

Can you bring me spell? One that will make Denver cool?